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“Success comes to our way if we walk ahead little more steps which your heart drives just before quitting”

At a stage of our life near the edge of everything we presumes to be to be foolish, specifically when there is a “zero satisfaction”  is the result for whatever we do even with our best efforts and dedication. So far there is no machine invented to measure satisfaction of human being, then we can understand the proforma of satisfaction would be either zero% or cent% itself. Society says there is nothing in this world that is made 100%, which means are we gonna spend most of our life time confused & working with a group of different people who seems to be running a marathon? Ladies and Gentlemen, keep learning new things, ya..keep learning!, or in the end it will be like Socrates last words that reads “I know one thing, that i know nothing”…!

Now this is true that to live life to the fullest everything we have learned and learning is required & to enjoy working with that group of different people (we call it as a Company), everything that we learned is not required! So here is the place that comes the value of DUPLICATION!

What is Duplication? The idea of bringing Duplication in little more happiness! originated from two different instances, first is from a 13 yr old Indian movie Duplicate i keep hearing since long time. Secondly, you know there are few words i consider as having negative impacts and senseless- Duplication was one among that. Recently i had a chance to analyze and apply duplication in day to day life, the result was life changing.

An American professor of psychology Abraham Maslow introduced his concept towards human needs  which hierarchically start from Physiological needs rising up to Self Actualization. When you turns to be a graduate you are going to meet this guy in your books. Its simple to understand, these are the common needs of a human being.
What i wanted to show you with this example is, suppose you reach the top level – Self Actualization most of us will be at our 40, 50 or at 6oth ages… But only few crazy people achieve this so early, and there comes the value of DUPLICATION!

Write down your DREAMS!

TEAM -Together Each Achieve More so, DEVELOP!

Life is a short trip, share your love and help needy, DECIDE!

Before the defeat defeats you lets defeat the DEFEAT’s!

There are millions of steps so step up and DANCE!

Because in the end everyone forever will DEPART!

So why you needs to wait to get duplicated in next birth!


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