To be someone who loves and to be loved not for the reasons but for his actions.

When i was a teenager i always had multiple interests and talents which i never forget to demonstrate as a Dancer, Singer, Book Binder, Cartoonist and a good Sports person. After my higher education in Mechanical Engineering i found my interests with machines and i am lucky to start my career with laser engraving machines made in Germany. Although there is an inheritance factor from my family; My experiences with my life made me a Writer and i love my life, family and friends.

Meeting new people, like minded or not no matter what i like them all to work along or to get together and to work together. Traveling is in my blood if it got an aim i shall not take rest until i reach there. Whenever there is a need i always lend my heart helping other physically or by donations whether its in the form of money or even blood. Regardless of different countries and cultures i accept people as they are.


I here by declare that all the contents of this blog are purely composed by the author’s creativity and it is not duplicated from anywhere. The way this blog is presented are with real stories, experiences with my life and the people i have met embedded with examples from unforgettable people around the world. Information’s shared here can be used for your educational purposes.

“I gone so much away from me! When i look back i see small dots of shining stars on a dark night waiting to be linked together! When i look ahead i see a lonely sun shining and traveling around emitting invisible scalar energy lighting all the way! But when i tried to look the now i see empty spaces for rent or lease or restricted or reserved!” – Renju Radhakrishnan

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