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Let me start with a Verse.

“I wandered lonely as a cloud:
That floats on high over vales and hills
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.”
-William Wordsworth

Like people mumbles, “everybody got their own version of the truth”! I can’t say at this point of time’ what makes William Wordsworth wrote the above lines. I had not even seen this world when he was alive. Not even born during the time of William Shakespeare as well. Both of them still lives in me through their spoken words, millions of words which are still alive, through the poems i whispered during my schooling along with my teachers, friends and in my foresight’s. Suppose if i could have been alive during those years between 1564 or 1850 i could not guarantee  that you will be hearing a gentleman’s name called William Radhakrishnan. (lol). And then i might have to start counting the number of “Like”s on my Facebook fan page. What to say! But i am sure those people over there (in heaven or hell) must be enjoying the facility of Apple & Samsung products now. Steve Jobs’, his name reminded me an another person name – Steve Irwin. He used to appear in my favorite Animal Planet channel with crocodiles and stingrays but later disappeared after being pierced in his chest by stingray’s tail while filming under water. Ahhh RIP.
Like them one day our duration of life enrolled with God’s university will also be over. And how you are planning to retire? How can life be planned…!

I wandered through millions of my thoughts. For a while i pause my FedEx thoughts to find out what is in all of them what i really wanted! Fame, Money, Power? No, sometimes i had not find any meaning in them. Was it that self -generated intentions to serve others with diplomacy and self-ism were to get the recognition or impression from them. I do not know! To rule and not to be ruled. Nothing!

We still provide excellent thought packages to other men to get things done from them by pretending the same old excuse “Food, Shelter & Clothing (Roti Kapda aur Makaan) – the basic needs of life. Which i guess is been changed now and the basic needs of majority of us violated the real purpose of our existence.

From many of the God’s creation, a living thing-a human being had been the wisest one assembled with many complex parts & complex shapes networked with several micro, nano or meso scales of veins and cells controlled with a central processing unit called the Brain and an uninterrupted power source called the Heart. And it was ‘humans who discovered LOVE, but i am not sure whether it can be called as an invention; anyways no other words coming in mind! Being at this century, what i am observing is the nature of human beings basic needs had violated it’s real purposes, their wants had expanded and exploded like a chain reaction more like a nuclear bomb and what we can see now is dozens of unsatisfied people running after people to achieve their dreams for Fame, Money & Power. Dream Chasers & Dream Catchers! They adapted animal behaviors to fertilize their basic needs. Negativity overtaken the positive ethics of life and we started acting in-humane and in-sane and proved in-appropriate to live peacefully in the communion. A funny thing came to my mind is:-

“We catch and eat the fishes from the sea and later Sea catch us.
“We pollute the nature with toxic acids and gases and later Nature rains it over to us.
“We keep breaking the ozone layer and later Sun emits the ultraviolet rays back to us.
“We demolish peace of our mind and later there is no God to save us…
“Humans destroying humans, a reflection of themselves with ego.

The Devils Age

It’s been a long time after my graduation my presence had not touched my home, never more than 28 days since last 7 years. The longest vacation of my life have taken in July 2011 with a strong decision by saying good bye to my first company. It was a great breakthrough to my career. Like people say nobody can forget their first Love, i either can’t forget my first company.. They lost me or i lost them, it doesn’t matter; how can anyone plan my life. But i knew every moment when i was there i delivered my 100%.

A good day : 11.11.11.
The desire to bring you my newest article “Foresights & The Devils Age” today might have been a result of a devils mind in my-self. But that’s not true, and i am not either going to share my point of view on others. I am writing not to impress or to get noticed. But this is what i have experienced and i observed. The mission of littlemorehappiness!

The 3 months when i stayed at my home in Kerala i spend time by travelling many places, i analyzed and get paralyzed observing the news papers and the BREAKING NEWS’s presented by TV Channels. The CHANGE that every human seeking since such a long time had been taken place already! “CHANGE has CHANGED”. In 30 days of news paper reading i have seen reports of more than 300 + crimes in Kerala (10 on an average day) Rapes, Murders, Smuggling, Kidnapping, Corruption, Wars….and what to say more! I drop the idea of storing the clippings of such a pile of news and moved on.

Think* what if :-…
“Sachin Tendulkar the Indian Cricket hero start playing for England Cricket team.
“Anna Hazare the leader of India Against Corruption start acting in an advertising for money.
“An Indian Army personal suddenly join Pakistan Army.
“Do you think we can consider it as “brotherhood”, No!
“But modern world might consider it as “Bollywood, Hollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood, Tollywood relationships!

Actors act and cheat you showing the impossibilities digitized to possibilities, entertain your sensuous pleasures. Make fool of you by sucking the genuine form of originality and in return we believe them and praise them forgetting our identity. Then we follow them, adapt their thinking and unfortunately end up as thinkers* and believers.

Terrorism had not started with the invention of Nuclear Bomb and it will not end with it also.
It generated in the human minds, the evil, the devils mind. A dirty picture of existence!

I guess the Devils Age has come. It is time to identify the devils mind inside us to prevent & preserve our mother Earth.

“We Divided and Conquered first but then we forgot to Unite and Rule. – Ayn Rand”

Note: Please ignore reading if the contents are irrelevant.

Let me end with this video: Saving the Earth

With Love
Renju Radhakrishnan