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Seven months after Duplication,  it’s been really a long time i was away from littlemorehappiness!. I kept doing something for new articles to generate but i felt like to be in a dream vacation in “done-undone” situations leaving the last year 2010 with a list of success notes and failures. Most of the time passed away in Autopilot mode. Near to the end of 2010 the concept of the movie Inception was outstanding…which explains about dreams,”dream within a dream” the origin of ideas and death of dreams and all…! It seems some big changes are happening to Earth, it might be a close call that our planet seems to be blacklisted by God, otherwise how can such huge calamities occurs everyday!
And Newton’s law “every action has equal and opposite reaction is more active now”! Don’t you feel that? We are now getting quick responses for our doings. Life is more specific these days and i don’t want to believe that WikiLeaks is watching me every then and now, rather than “oh my “dear God”! 🙂

Okay coming back to the main subject. The idea of E for Efficiency to post in littlemorehappiness! was generated in my mind exactly 7 months ago. I could not able to continue the flow after Duplication; by the way “masterpieces takes time”. isn’t it..

Memories are dangerous beings. One of the subjects which scared me most during my graduation was Electrical Engineering, hhha i always fall in sick with circuit diagrams, synchronous and asynchronous machines. But the favorite part explained in the text books were an equation i.e, % Efficiency = Useful energy produced X 100 / total energy used. Though i could not able to memorize the ocean of theories now; but being 100% attentive in doing practical classes was my top most concern and i must say i was pretty good in that. Credit goes to the experienced coach’s who hammered me whenever I go and seek help.

As i said the idea of Efficiency was developed 7 months ago, it came after a replacement with E for Evolution. Because first few days i was writing about Evolution and though I made a perfect beginning; i could not make a happy ending so i quit. Just a funny side of Evolution can be seen in below picture.

With the method of learning i followed, reading from the 1st page to the last page of a book i never know what a transformation is taking place in me. With the second phase of dreams i had i might turned to be an Information Technology (IT) giant!   Or could be to a professional dancer or to a sports man, a writer, a singer, a poet, a driver, a photographer or even to the profession i like most – teacher/professor. Tat Tvam Asi….

Are we gradually transforming to something? No idea!- someday i will be someone. By the way all these things needs Efficiency. Like Raymond says in the video below: “The Complete Man” concept.Yeah all depends on multiple interests we have and definitely “Nothing is Impossible”.

Take a look down to one of  my favorite video about the Evolution listing 163,820,122 views in YouTube yet .

There is much more i noted down for Efficiency:- Just take an A5 sheet and write down the %Efficiency equation [% Efficiency = Useful energy produced X 100 / total energy used] and calculate your Productivity in your daily activities and then share the result with one of your best friend and discuss for the improvements. Co-operate and lets the transformation begin, opening the doors of wisdom and then it will definitely lead to joint ventures.

The most important thing i observed in the Corporate world is “Communication”; every word you say, every time you spend, every mistake you make PAYS a lot. Remembering the words of my teacher – “time is money”.

What if all doctors just do surgeries and keep quiet? What if the engineers invents a new machine and keep quiet? What will happen if the managers don not communicate? What if anyone…a lieutenant, a pilot, an artist, a film maker, or simply an elephant caretaker do not communicate properly…!
Guys we are something more. For ladies may be their charm helps to survive, but for gentlemen it won’t. Communication is important. And always keep in mind – “You deserve more than what you desire”

Be Efficient
Do it right the first time !!!

“To be Efficient is Sufficient”.

Like a cruising arrow projected from an archer to the target we keep wandering from one destination to another. The target can be something specific or else a vague collection of desires we nurtured from thousands of multiple thoughts that complied from our experiences in life. Directions to the destinations could be unclear but it might be the hope or addiction that keeps each one of us staying focused. I mentioned addiction here because few people quits in between, addicted to many harmful things. What the management of companies needed are the results not your problems, emotional or senseless actions. As you are the chosen one they don’t care how you achieve it but they do observe your ways to either Duplicate or to utilize maximum of your copyrighted multi-talents. Thats is how it works. You presence pays a lot to others. Be the best in whatever you do!