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Blink, a nice word isn’t it?

Blink came to my mind just because of two things,
a. The book “Blink” – The Power of Thinking Without Thinking written by Malcolm Gladwell in which he presents psychology and behavioral economics on the adaptive unconscious. A quick action that comes from your unconscious mind that flourish to a natural response.
b. My experience and my style of character 😉

If you look into any dictionary Blink means “shut and open eyes quickly”. As usual here again i am with some crazy ideas, chasing few moments of life behind a word comes into mind with the intention to fill the next category of this blog beginning with letter “B”. Are you a thinking bird, then just look into this word “Blink”; what comes first to you?

Think about a day of our life, how many activities we do, how many tasks we fulfill, how helpful was we, how welcoming was us, did we experience something new, did we re-organize our past memories and knowledge, when was the last conversation with a dear friend, what was the message that lovely book tried to convey which we quit reading in the middle…woof!!!  how many questions…all gone like a blink. All is Blink.

What’s next? Art of Living says “present moment is inevitable”.

I am going to relate this word with Commerce. And now you might think how the hell i analyse everything with Business. Sorry if i am wrong!, but don’t you think whatever we do comes to an end with either money or business. Even this blog could be created for some commercial purpose (unfortunately not)!

Every single word we say, our thoughts, work, a phone call, hugs, a nice talk, rain, tear drops, or ever our feelings etc…or what to say even a waste material can turned out to be an opportunity for a profitable businesses. Recently few of fresh graduates with an engineering background approached me and inquired for the possibilities of getting job whichever pays higher. From this type of mindsets you can easily understand the demand of money.

Trust the subject is not dragged, but all i wanted to convey with this article is about that Quick actions we usually take in instances. We call it as “Blink”.

The story of life is quicker than the blink of an eye, sometimes the story of love is hello, goodbye. – Jimi Hendrix.