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(1st entry of littlemorehappiness! dated 23.02.2010)

Thinking about ACTION, being me as Renju – the first thing comes into my mind is a brand which i have used to wear, the ACTION Shoes. When you visit their portal you will see their tag line like this:

“A relentless race against time…, The burning passion to win…, A strong desire to set the trends…, No wonder, Life is an ACTION!

See the energy in those words! It is a strong vision to make a change. So if i start with “change” what i must say that i have tried to change many people in a way i desired to see them in peculiar behaviors, but in the end i understand it is better i change myself in a compatible way to fit in socially. All think kind of thoughts arise because i were a seeker of change. Gradually i understood that if you accept each person as they are and progressively that accept you in return…then it is sure you could be one among them who lives peacefully.

Acceptance is related to care and when the word “care” comes to business it changes to “relation”. Relation can be public and private. I hope you know what is the difference between Public Relation and Private Relation.

Let this be a new beginning!

To bring your Life into Action : “Do what you like. Love what you do. Remember – never blame anybody”

“I never worry about action, but only about inaction”  – Winston Churchill.

“Pleasure and action make the hours seems short” – William Shakespeare.