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Foresights & The Devils Age

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Let me start with a Verse.

“I wandered lonely as a cloud:
That floats on high over vales and hills
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.”
-William Wordsworth

Like people mumbles, “everybody got their own version of the truth”! I can’t say at this point of time’ what makes William Wordsworth wrote the above lines. I had not even seen this world when he was alive. Not even born during the time of William Shakespeare as well. Both of them still lives in me through their spoken words, millions of words which are still alive, through the poems i whispered during my schooling along with my teachers, friends and in my foresight’s. Suppose if i could have been alive during those years between 1564 or 1850 i could not guarantee  that you will be hearing a gentleman’s name called William Radhakrishnan. (lol). And then i might have to start counting the number of “Like”s on my Facebook fan page. What to say! But i am sure those people over there (in heaven or hell) must be enjoying the facility of Apple & Samsung products now. Steve Jobs’, his name reminded me an another person name – Steve Irwin. He used to appear in my favorite Animal Planet channel with crocodiles and stingrays but later disappeared after being pierced in his chest by stingray’s tail while filming under water. Ahhh RIP.
Like them one day our duration of life enrolled with God’s university will also be over. And how you are planning to retire? How can life be planned…!

I wandered through millions of my thoughts. For a while i pause my FedEx thoughts to find out what is in all of them what i really wanted! Fame, Money, Power? No, sometimes i had not find any meaning in them. Was it that self -generated intentions to serve others with diplomacy and self-ism were to get the recognition or impression from them. I do not know! To rule and not to be ruled. Nothing!

We still provide excellent thought packages to other men to get things done from them by pretending the same old excuse “Food, Shelter & Clothing (Roti Kapda aur Makaan) – the basic needs of life. Which i guess is been changed now and the basic needs of majority of us violated the real purpose of our existence.

From many of the God’s creation, a living thing-a human being had been the wisest one assembled with many complex parts & complex shapes networked with several micro, nano or meso scales of veins and cells controlled with a central processing unit called the Brain and an uninterrupted power source called the Heart. And it was ‘humans who discovered LOVE, but i am not sure whether it can be called as an invention; anyways no other words coming in mind! Being at this century, what i am observing is the nature of human beings basic needs had violated it’s real purposes, their wants had expanded and exploded like a chain reaction more like a nuclear bomb and what we can see now is dozens of unsatisfied people running after people to achieve their dreams for Fame, Money & Power. Dream Chasers & Dream Catchers! They adapted animal behaviors to fertilize their basic needs. Negativity overtaken the positive ethics of life and we started acting in-humane and in-sane and proved in-appropriate to live peacefully in the communion. A funny thing came to my mind is:-

“We catch and eat the fishes from the sea and later Sea catch us.
“We pollute the nature with toxic acids and gases and later Nature rains it over to us.
“We keep breaking the ozone layer and later Sun emits the ultraviolet rays back to us.
“We demolish peace of our mind and later there is no God to save us…
“Humans destroying humans, a reflection of themselves with ego.

The Devils Age

It’s been a long time after my graduation my presence had not touched my home, never more than 28 days since last 7 years. The longest vacation of my life have taken in July 2011 with a strong decision by saying good bye to my first company. It was a great breakthrough to my career. Like people say nobody can forget their first Love, i either can’t forget my first company.. They lost me or i lost them, it doesn’t matter; how can anyone plan my life. But i knew every moment when i was there i delivered my 100%.

A good day : 11.11.11.
The desire to bring you my newest article “Foresights & The Devils Age” today might have been a result of a devils mind in my-self. But that’s not true, and i am not either going to share my point of view on others. I am writing not to impress or to get noticed. But this is what i have experienced and i observed. The mission of littlemorehappiness!

The 3 months when i stayed at my home in Kerala i spend time by travelling many places, i analyzed and get paralyzed observing the news papers and the BREAKING NEWS’s presented by TV Channels. The CHANGE that every human seeking since such a long time had been taken place already! “CHANGE has CHANGED”. In 30 days of news paper reading i have seen reports of more than 300 + crimes in Kerala (10 on an average day) Rapes, Murders, Smuggling, Kidnapping, Corruption, Wars….and what to say more! I drop the idea of storing the clippings of such a pile of news and moved on.

Think* what if :-…
“Sachin Tendulkar the Indian Cricket hero start playing for England Cricket team.
“Anna Hazare the leader of India Against Corruption start acting in an advertising for money.
“An Indian Army personal suddenly join Pakistan Army.
“Do you think we can consider it as “brotherhood”, No!
“But modern world might consider it as “Bollywood, Hollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood, Tollywood relationships!

Actors act and cheat you showing the impossibilities digitized to possibilities, entertain your sensuous pleasures. Make fool of you by sucking the genuine form of originality and in return we believe them and praise them forgetting our identity. Then we follow them, adapt their thinking and unfortunately end up as thinkers* and believers.

Terrorism had not started with the invention of Nuclear Bomb and it will not end with it also.
It generated in the human minds, the evil, the devils mind. A dirty picture of existence!

I guess the Devils Age has come. It is time to identify the devils mind inside us to prevent & preserve our mother Earth.

“We Divided and Conquered first but then we forgot to Unite and Rule. – Ayn Rand”

Note: Please ignore reading if the contents are irrelevant.

Let me end with this video: Saving the Earth

With Love
Renju Radhakrishnan

To be Efficient is sufficient.

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Seven months after Duplication,  it’s been really a long time i was away from littlemorehappiness!. I kept doing something for new articles to generate but i felt like to be in a dream vacation in “done-undone” situations leaving the last year 2010 with a list of success notes and failures. Most of the time passed away in Autopilot mode. Near to the end of 2010 the concept of the movie Inception was outstanding…which explains about dreams,”dream within a dream” the origin of ideas and death of dreams and all…! It seems some big changes are happening to Earth, it might be a close call that our planet seems to be blacklisted by God, otherwise how can such huge calamities occurs everyday!
And Newton’s law “every action has equal and opposite reaction is more active now”! Don’t you feel that? We are now getting quick responses for our doings. Life is more specific these days and i don’t want to believe that WikiLeaks is watching me every then and now, rather than “oh my “dear God”! 🙂

Okay coming back to the main subject. The idea of E for Efficiency to post in littlemorehappiness! was generated in my mind exactly 7 months ago. I could not able to continue the flow after Duplication; by the way “masterpieces takes time”. isn’t it..

Memories are dangerous beings. One of the subjects which scared me most during my graduation was Electrical Engineering, hhha i always fall in sick with circuit diagrams, synchronous and asynchronous machines. But the favorite part explained in the text books were an equation i.e, % Efficiency = Useful energy produced X 100 / total energy used. Though i could not able to memorize the ocean of theories now; but being 100% attentive in doing practical classes was my top most concern and i must say i was pretty good in that. Credit goes to the experienced coach’s who hammered me whenever I go and seek help.

As i said the idea of Efficiency was developed 7 months ago, it came after a replacement with E for Evolution. Because first few days i was writing about Evolution and though I made a perfect beginning; i could not make a happy ending so i quit. Just a funny side of Evolution can be seen in below picture.

With the method of learning i followed, reading from the 1st page to the last page of a book i never know what a transformation is taking place in me. With the second phase of dreams i had i might turned to be an Information Technology (IT) giant!   Or could be to a professional dancer or to a sports man, a writer, a singer, a poet, a driver, a photographer or even to the profession i like most – teacher/professor. Tat Tvam Asi….

Are we gradually transforming to something? No idea!- someday i will be someone. By the way all these things needs Efficiency. Like Raymond says in the video below: “The Complete Man” concept.Yeah all depends on multiple interests we have and definitely “Nothing is Impossible”.

Take a look down to one of  my favorite video about the Evolution listing 163,820,122 views in YouTube yet .

There is much more i noted down for Efficiency:- Just take an A5 sheet and write down the %Efficiency equation [% Efficiency = Useful energy produced X 100 / total energy used] and calculate your Productivity in your daily activities and then share the result with one of your best friend and discuss for the improvements. Co-operate and lets the transformation begin, opening the doors of wisdom and then it will definitely lead to joint ventures.

The most important thing i observed in the Corporate world is “Communication”; every word you say, every time you spend, every mistake you make PAYS a lot. Remembering the words of my teacher – “time is money”.

What if all doctors just do surgeries and keep quiet? What if the engineers invents a new machine and keep quiet? What will happen if the managers don not communicate? What if anyone…a lieutenant, a pilot, an artist, a film maker, or simply an elephant caretaker do not communicate properly…!
Guys we are something more. For ladies may be their charm helps to survive, but for gentlemen it won’t. Communication is important. And always keep in mind – “You deserve more than what you desire”

Be Efficient
Do it right the first time !!!

“To be Efficient is Sufficient”.

Like a cruising arrow projected from an archer to the target we keep wandering from one destination to another. The target can be something specific or else a vague collection of desires we nurtured from thousands of multiple thoughts that complied from our experiences in life. Directions to the destinations could be unclear but it might be the hope or addiction that keeps each one of us staying focused. I mentioned addiction here because few people quits in between, addicted to many harmful things. What the management of companies needed are the results not your problems, emotional or senseless actions. As you are the chosen one they don’t care how you achieve it but they do observe your ways to either Duplicate or to utilize maximum of your copyrighted multi-talents. Thats is how it works. You presence pays a lot to others. Be the best in whatever you do!




Duplicate life!

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“Success comes to our way if we walk ahead little more steps which your heart drives just before quitting”

At a stage of our life near the edge of everything we presumes to be to be foolish, specifically when there is a “zero satisfaction”  is the result for whatever we do even with our best efforts and dedication. So far there is no machine invented to measure satisfaction of human being, then we can understand the proforma of satisfaction would be either zero% or cent% itself. Society says there is nothing in this world that is made 100%, which means are we gonna spend most of our life time confused & working with a group of different people who seems to be running a marathon? Ladies and Gentlemen, keep learning new things, ya..keep learning!, or in the end it will be like Socrates last words that reads “I know one thing, that i know nothing”…!

Now this is true that to live life to the fullest everything we have learned and learning is required & to enjoy working with that group of different people (we call it as a Company), everything that we learned is not required! So here is the place that comes the value of DUPLICATION!

What is Duplication? The idea of bringing Duplication in little more happiness! originated from two different instances, first is from a 13 yr old Indian movie Duplicate i keep hearing since long time. Secondly, you know there are few words i consider as having negative impacts and senseless- Duplication was one among that. Recently i had a chance to analyze and apply duplication in day to day life, the result was life changing.

An American professor of psychology Abraham Maslow introduced his concept towards human needs  which hierarchically start from Physiological needs rising up to Self Actualization. When you turns to be a graduate you are going to meet this guy in your books. Its simple to understand, these are the common needs of a human being.
What i wanted to show you with this example is, suppose you reach the top level – Self Actualization most of us will be at our 40, 50 or at 6oth ages… But only few crazy people achieve this so early, and there comes the value of DUPLICATION!

Write down your DREAMS!

TEAM -Together Each Achieve More so, DEVELOP!

Life is a short trip, share your love and help needy, DECIDE!

Before the defeat defeats you lets defeat the DEFEAT’s!

There are millions of steps so step up and DANCE!

Because in the end everyone forever will DEPART!

So why you needs to wait to get duplicated in next birth!


To know more about life changing duplication concept or to meet and work with those crazy people; mail to:

CHANGE, can we?

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Have not you ever notice that everyone mumbles about changing millions of people around the world but in reality is this happening? Do you changed to what you desired to be?

Dear all, this time i do not prepare specific ideas for my new article – “Change” to share with you! All i am going to pen down would be some common things which you already may know! It is like we are growing up and transforming to a product which can be commercialized, and we know all products are  formulated in accordance with changes in the environment.

What is so limited? Time or Money? And what is so unlimited? Love? Think again.. are we aware about these things? Are we?

If love is unlimited then why war! Who said love is unlimited?, we just got few years of life time to love and how anyone can say love is unlimited?? Bloody hell,  how easily i can write like these and staying silent with less voice. Seems it is the time to CHANGE!

Firstly to bring a change just believe in your self. Then bring your beliefs into action. If you don’t have beliefs then polish and sharpen your memories and start believing that everyone are unique and there should be something special in them. Treat every one like they belongs to you, yes even your boss. I remember a quote from one of the book of OSHO that “there are millions of good people in this world, better they have louder voices”.

Kindly take a look on the pictures to see little more happiness in those kids faces. The first picture was taken from a street of New Delhi, India, the second one from my college’s campus and the third from an open village school! You can see that they are absorbing with the environment and making the best out of it with DREAMS!

It is now time for me to think whether i have a louder voice or not? Thanks.

CHANGE . Can we?

“A photograph never grows old. You and I change, people change all through the months and years, but a photograph always remains the same. How nice to look at a photograph of mother or father taken many years ago. You see them as you remember them. But as people live on, they change completely. That is why I think a photograph can be kind.”-
Albert Einstein



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Blink, a nice word isn’t it?

Blink came to my mind just because of two things,
a. The book “Blink” – The Power of Thinking Without Thinking written by Malcolm Gladwell in which he presents psychology and behavioral economics on the adaptive unconscious. A quick action that comes from your unconscious mind that flourish to a natural response.
b. My experience and my style of character 😉

If you look into any dictionary Blink means “shut and open eyes quickly”. As usual here again i am with some crazy ideas, chasing few moments of life behind a word comes into mind with the intention to fill the next category of this blog beginning with letter “B”. Are you a thinking bird, then just look into this word “Blink”; what comes first to you?

Think about a day of our life, how many activities we do, how many tasks we fulfill, how helpful was we, how welcoming was us, did we experience something new, did we re-organize our past memories and knowledge, when was the last conversation with a dear friend, what was the message that lovely book tried to convey which we quit reading in the middle…woof!!!  how many questions…all gone like a blink. All is Blink.

What’s next? Art of Living says “present moment is inevitable”.

I am going to relate this word with Commerce. And now you might think how the hell i analyse everything with Business. Sorry if i am wrong!, but don’t you think whatever we do comes to an end with either money or business. Even this blog could be created for some commercial purpose (unfortunately not)!

Every single word we say, our thoughts, work, a phone call, hugs, a nice talk, rain, tear drops, or ever our feelings etc…or what to say even a waste material can turned out to be an opportunity for a profitable businesses. Recently few of fresh graduates with an engineering background approached me and inquired for the possibilities of getting job whichever pays higher. From this type of mindsets you can easily understand the demand of money.

Trust the subject is not dragged, but all i wanted to convey with this article is about that Quick actions we usually take in instances. We call it as “Blink”.

The story of life is quicker than the blink of an eye, sometimes the story of love is hello, goodbye. – Jimi Hendrix.

Life into Action

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(1st entry of littlemorehappiness! dated 23.02.2010)

Thinking about ACTION, being me as Renju – the first thing comes into my mind is a brand which i have used to wear, the ACTION Shoes. When you visit their portal you will see their tag line like this:

“A relentless race against time…, The burning passion to win…, A strong desire to set the trends…, No wonder, Life is an ACTION!

See the energy in those words! It is a strong vision to make a change. So if i start with “change” what i must say that i have tried to change many people in a way i desired to see them in peculiar behaviors, but in the end i understand it is better i change myself in a compatible way to fit in socially. All think kind of thoughts arise because i were a seeker of change. Gradually i understood that if you accept each person as they are and progressively that accept you in return…then it is sure you could be one among them who lives peacefully.

Acceptance is related to care and when the word “care” comes to business it changes to “relation”. Relation can be public and private. I hope you know what is the difference between Public Relation and Private Relation.

Let this be a new beginning!

To bring your Life into Action : “Do what you like. Love what you do. Remember – never blame anybody”

“I never worry about action, but only about inaction”  – Winston Churchill.

“Pleasure and action make the hours seems short” – William Shakespeare.

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